Hotel Bewaller
Conscious, sustainable, resource-friendly

The only way to preserve the beauty of our landscape is to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. This is how sustainable holidays in South Tyrol work in the right way! 

Environmental responsibility

At Hotel Bewaller, our top priorities are sustainability and ecological responsibility. Working in harmony with nature, we attach great importance to the management and maintenance of our own meadows, pastures and forests, thus preserving natural diversity. The maintenance of the surrounding trails is also important to us. This means you can enjoy leisurely walks and have unforgettable experiences, undisturbed and in harmony with nature, whether you are with your family or alone. At Hotel Bewaller, we are proud to make possible your sustainable holiday in South Tyrol. Using hydropower, we generate part of the required energy ourselves. Our newly built wood chip heating system also contributes to this.

Sustainable, for real

Our water and electricity come from our own source, so you can safely drink the refreshing tap water with us. We also use sustainable and carefully maintained spruce, larch and pine wood from our own stockpiles of wood for refurbishment work. Our new wood chip heating system also allows us to heat our hotel independently and cost-effectively, as we use our own stockpiles of wood for this purpose. Not only do we take environmental protection very seriously, we only use high-quality materials that are in harmony with nature. We therefore ask you to bring your own bathrobe and sandals for the wellness area (these can be borrowed from the hotel eventually).