Hotel Bewaller
Take a deep breath, relax, and feel good

The newly built Bewaller Stådl is a place of peace and relaxation. A chalet-type retreat amidst the magnificent landscape and dense forests of South Tyrol.

The new Stådel

The new Bewaller Stådel, adjacent to the Bewaller Alpine Hotel, offers exclusive accommodation with a total of ten rooms and suites and a first-class sauna area for an exclusive chalet holiday in South Tyrol. The spacious rooms are perfect for guests who seek privacy and comfort and want to escape the stress of everyday life. Each room is tastefully furnished to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Slowing down and relaxation come first here. The Stådel is only a few metres away from the main building.

Turning old into new

The Stådel: has always been the most important building on every farm. This is where the fodder supplies, especially the farm's own hay, were stored. Now our old Stådl, which was traditionally always built in the "best place" on the farm, has been transformed into something special, something new: The "Bewaller Stådel" for our guests. Our favourite project is a new building that offers you spacious rooms, a beautiful sauna area and a room for celebrations or seminars. All the wood from the old Stådel has been used in part for the sauna and interior panelling of the new Stådel. The rest of the wood comes from our own forest.

A celebration of joy

Bewaller Stådel also has a variety of spacious rooms for weddings, events and seminars. With its charming ambience and idyllic location, the Stådel is the perfect place for very special occasions. Whether it's a romantic wedding, a festive event with many guests or a professional team development session – Bewaller Stådel offers the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations and team building in the heart of the breath-taking landscape of Val d’Ega.