Hotel Bewaller
Take a sauna and relax

The new sauna area of Bewaller Stådl, built in 2023, promises a true wellness paradise of relaxation and well-being.

Here you can immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and experience the beneficial effects of three different saunas. There is a bio sauna with moderate heat and a pleasant scent. For an intense sauna experience, there is the traditional Finnish sauna and a steam bath sauna that envelops body and mind with moist heat. Each sauna has been designed using high-quality materials and atmospheric lighting to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation.

After the sauna session, you can spend some time  on the spacious sunbathing terrace, while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful natural scenery. The adjoining relaxation room also offers an oasis of silence where you can relax on comfortable loungers and let your thoughts wander. The new sauna area at Bewaller Stådel invites you to leave the stress of everyday life behind and centre your body and mind.

Organic Swiss stone pine sauna

In our exclusive organic Swiss stone pine sauna, only Swiss stone pine wood from our own forest is used. The use of this unique wood not only creates a natural atmosphere, but also gives the sauna the beneficial properties of Swiss stone pine. The gentle aroma of Swiss stone pine wood surrounds you during your sauna session, promotes relaxation and contributes to a holistic wellness experience. Treat yourself to a special connection with nature and enjoy the calming effect of our organic stone pine sauna.

Finnish sauna

In our traditional Finnish sauna, you will experience a unique connection to the history of our region. The sauna was built using reclaimed wood from our old barn, which not only gives it a rustic charm, but also reflects a sustainable and resource-conserving construction method. The historic old wood gives the sauna a warm and authentic atmosphere while you enjoy the soothing heat. Experience the symbiosis of tradition and well-being in our Finnish sauna with the unique flair of recycled old wood.

Steam sauna

Discover the benefits of our modern steam sauna. The gentle steam opens your airways, improves respiratory function and gives you a feeling of freshness. The moisture hydrates the skin and promotes blood circulation, while the steam relieves tension and relaxes muscles. Ideal for respiratory problems and skin irritations. Enjoy the many benefits of our steam sauna for body and mind.