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The mermaid of Karersee

The story is about a beautiful mermaid who lives in the clear waters of Lake Karer. The mermaid is known for her enchanting voice that captivates all who hear it.

One day, a young shepherd named Luke falls in love with the mermaid after hearing her enchanting songs. Spellbound by her beauty and voice, he keeps going to the lake to see her. The mermaid reciprocates his feelings and they spend many happy moments together.

But their love is met with disapproval. The villagers believe that the mermaid brings bad luck and want to protect the lake, so they forbid Luke from visiting the lake. But his love proves too strong to stay away from her. Eventually, the vengeful village elder hears of Luke's secret and plans to kill the mermaid to save the village from the supposed threat she poses.

In a dramatic finale, the village elder tries to capture and kill the mermaid. However, Luke rushes to protect her. In a supreme act of selflessness, Luke gives his life to save the mermaid. His sacrifice touches the mermaid so deeply that she leaves the waters of Lake Karer and disappears.

Since then, it is said that the ghost of Lukas haunts the area around Lake Carezza and that the mermaid has never been seen again. The legend lives on, telling the story of unconditional love, sacrifice and the connection between man and nature.